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  • DangerDen RBX Waterblock Review
  • DangerDen RBX Waterblock Review



    Waterblocks are a fairly complex to design though the concept is pretty simple. You run water though a metal block to provide a heat exchange between the heat source and water. In the case of computer cooling water is used to cool the CPU, (or GPU, chipset etc..) and is then routed to a radiator for a final heat transfer. The entire process is very efficient due in part to how well the waterblock is designed since the radiator can only act on the water running though it.
    In this review we will be looking at a new cooler called the RBX from Danger Den. This block is machined from a solid block of copper and employs a 3-barb design to get water in and out of the block. The base has been machined flat and then polished with 1200 grit sandpaper to attain a shiny finish.
    The water channel in the RBX is kind of special. The channel its self is rather deep and contains textured fins directly above the CPU. If you look carefully every curved edge is actually the start of a jet impingement hole. These jet impingement holes are primarily designed for use with the #5 jet that is included with the accelerator nozzle kit.
    The RBX includes everything that you will need to install the waterblock including a mounting kit, anti-crush pads (for the AthlonXP) and a poly "Y" adapter. This version of the RBX also came the accelerator nozzle kit. The kit contains 5 more nozzles of various styles including one for turning the RBX from a 3 to 2-barb block, I doubt that many will find this nozzle useful but the nozzle kit does provide performance and flexibility for the RBX.
    I mentioned before how the RBX water channel is fairly deep, to help illustrate this I have pictured the RBX next to the well-known and popular Dtek White Water. As you can see the RBX is almost twice as tall though not nearly as wide.
    Like previous Danger Den blocks the removable top is also replaceable to fascinate installations on other platforms. The wider Pentium 4 top will be used for this review.
    Block installation was not difficult and consisted of mounting 4 "all thread" posts to the motherboard with nylon washers being used to protect the PCB. The waterblock was then installed and secured into place with springs and brass thumbscrews. Again nylon washers where used between all metal connections.
    Watercooling isn't platform specific though when you think about it most people that are into watercooling are also using the AthlonXP, a fitting choice considering the heat output of the processor. Though knowing this I find it ironic how the RBX is almost exactly the same width as the heat spreader on the Pentium 4. Worthless info I know but can be great trivia for your next drinking party. wink smile