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  • Demonic XTC Waterblock Review
  • Demonic XTC Waterblock Review



    The Demonic XTC was a real joy to work with; installation was very easy though I admit that I didn't use the included mounting hardware. The plastic tended to deform under pressure and really made me nervous. Demonic Water Cooling has told me that a better mounting method is in development that should make installations much better.
    Benchmarks were very close, but are what I expected. The White Water had a lower temp by two degrees but shows even without velocity nozzles the Demonic XTC waterblock can perform exceptionally well. An accessory kit is in development that should enhance performance and provide us casemodders a few goodies to play with.
    The Demonic X.T.C is an excellent waterblock that would make a great addition to any current or future watercooling system. Visit the Demonic Water Cooling website for current pricing and availability.
    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things.
    The Good Things
    Compact block design
    3 barb cooling design
    Board mounted block
    True polycarbonate top
    Hand lapped base
    Excellent cooling
    The Bad Things
    Lacks high-velocity nozzles (replacements in development)
    Plastic mounting hardware (Due to be replaced)
    Requires mounting holes
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank Demonic Water Cooling for helping to make this review possible.