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  • CoolJag Falcon 92-AL Review
  • CoolJag Falcon 92-AL Review



    Heatsinks are an integral part of any computer system. Some are big others are small, most follow a typical styling while others push the envelope in performance and/or styling.  We here at Ninjalane usually opt for a custom cooling solution instead of using the OEM heatsink.  However with the current trend moving towards large heatpipe radiators it is hard to know if they will really provide the cooling you need or just take up space and inhibit airflow.

    In this review we will be looking at the CoolJag Falcon 92 AL. This is an aluminum / copper hybrid heatsink that uses heatpipes as its primary cooling method.
    CoolJag has come up with a very unique heatsink solution that features 4 copper heatpipes, a polished copper base. On top of the copper base you’ll find a very unique feature that reflects on the CoolJag company history in the form of a skived aluminum heatsink. Of course the primary purpose of this item is to hold the mounting brackets in place but, we find the additional heatsink to be a nice touch that happens to also be a functional feature.
    The CoolJag Falcon 92 AL is compatible with both the Intel 775 and AMD Athlon64 platforms and comes with all of the hardware required for a successful installation.  The heatsink is configured for the Intel 775 out of the box and is what we’ll be using in this review.