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  • CoolJag Falcon 92-AL Review
  • CoolJag Falcon 92-AL Review



    As the photos have shown this heatsink is pretty big and barely fits on our LANParty motherboard, in fact the Karajan audio module had to be removed else it wouldn’t fit. Keep in mind the DFI LANParty series does have a slightly different layout when compared to other motherboards so its unlikely that this will be an issue on anything but the DFI.
    Installation was very straight forward but the mounting screws were difficult to reach except with a very long Phillips screwdriver (tilted at an angle). Performance was exceptional however given the size of this heatsink we would have been surprised had this been anything but. Overclocking performance was decent, we were not able to get our system to run stable at anything over 2.8Ghz, we suspect that if we had control over the heatsink fan this limit could have been pushed further.

    For those of you looking for a good OEM alternative the CoolJag Falcon 92 AL might serve your purposes, Cooling was above average and the look is exceptional.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things.
    Good Things
    Better cooling than OEM heatsink
    Thermally controlled LED fan
    Great styling
    Finned heatsink base
    Dual installation on 775 or A64
    Bad Things
    Heatsink is very large
    Overclocking performance could be better
    Fan is freely mounted
    Installed weight is higher than expected. (makes board bendy)
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