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  • Thermaltake MeOrb Heatsink Review
  • Thermaltake MeOrb Heatsink Review



    The Thermaltake meOrb is an excellent example of how well heatpipes work. The same design without heatpipes would not stand a chance of holding even a dual core at a reasonable temperature. By utilizing two 6mm heatpipes and a wealth of fins allows this cooler to bring decent performance in a very low height of 47mm overall.

    The target market for this cooler is HTPC and other small form factor designs with limited space.  For its intended market the Thermaltake MeOrb would be a decent upgrade over the stock cooler both in performance and looks.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    Very nice looking cooler.
    Excellent hardware and finish.
    Extremely quiet (silent basically).
    Low profile 47mm total height.
    Thick copper base and good heatpipes.
    Bad Things
    Clearance issues on test board.
    Requires removal of motherboard to mount.
    No socket 1366 compatibility.
    Not able to handle Quads at reasonable temps.
    Ninjalane Rating
    We would like to thank Thermaltake for making this review possible.