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  • Thermaltake MeOrb Heatsink Review
  • Thermaltake MeOrb Heatsink Review



    Thermaltake has been a major player in the aftermarket computer world and has produced parts in all areas of the market; some of their most popular have been in the cooling products from standard fans and heatsinks to complete liquid cooling systems.  They have done it all.
    The "Orb" cooler has been one of the most popular Thermaltake designs and has been re-invented quite a number of times over the years.  In this review we will be looking at the latest edition to the popular "Orb" series the Thermaltake MeOrb.  At only 47mm tall this low profile seems to be a perfect OEM replacement for a Home Theater PC where noise and cooling come at a premium.
    The MeOrb is comprised of dual 6mm copper heatpipes arraigned in a circle to completely wrap around the cooling fan.  This provides the greatest surface area while still remaining extremely compact.  The radiator is made from stamped aluminum with 92 fins in the outer circle and 69 fins in the inner circle. You will notice the fins are not arranged in a complete circle but actually the outer fins only cover about a 250 degree sweep allowing clearance for Northbridge or PWM cooling solutions.
    In the pictures above you will see the excellent finish on the copper mounting surface. This helps insure there is a good mating surface and to aid in transferring heat to the cooler. The included thermal paste was not impressive but was used for testing as it would be what the average consumer would have available.

    Seen next to a stock Intel cooler you can get an idea as to how large the MeOrb really is.  What isn't apparent in the photo is that it is approximately half the height and a whole lot quieter.