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  • ThermalTake SpinQ Heatsink Review
  • ThermalTake SpinQ Heatsink Review



    When it comes to aircooling there are a variety of different ways to go.  The current aftermarket trend is to use an elaborate maze of heatpipe to quickly draw heat away while OEM solutions tend to be solid blocks of finned metal.  Both do a decent job however heatpipes tend to work a little more efficiently   The one downside to heatpipes is that for them to work well one side of the pipe has to be cooler than the other and for this we turn to the tried and true method of active cooling, i.e. the fan.

    Traditional case fans work pretty well but that hasn’t stopped companies from trying different things.  The squirrel cage blower (or centrifugal fan) is a rather efficient design that is mostly found in home heating and air conditioning systems.  This type of fan made its commercial cooling debut atop a CoolerMaster Skived cooler called the Aero 7+.  The fan was undersized and quite noisy but did a good job a moving a ton of air.

    In this review we’ll be looking at an innovative and new cooler from ThermalTake called the SpinQ.  The SpinQ is a very unique in that it employs a heatpipe design that is cooled internally by a large and powerful squirrel cage blower. 
    At first glance the SpinQ appears to be a perfect cooler for Ninjalane given the sawblade looking radiator, and while the 50 radiator fins are relatively harmless we cannot speak for the fan.