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  • ThermalTake SpinQ Heatsink Review
  • ThermalTake SpinQ Heatsink Review



    The heatsink comes with mounting hardware for both A64 and 775 processor platforms.  You will notice that we have already setup the SpinQ for a 775 and that it comes with OEM style retention clips.  It’s a wonder why more companies don’t do the same.
    The copper base has been plated to a mirror finish and appears to be free of flaws.
    A close-up of the blower motor shows how tight the clearances are between the fan edge and the radiator.  The tiny gap will help reduce fan noise and promote proper air movement.
    For those of you that don’t know much about squirrel cage blowers the spinning fins move air from the center of the fan outwards with the help of centrifugal force.  The faster the fan spins the more air it can move.  Blade depth plays a part in how much air can be moved although smaller blades tend to work the best.  Traditional blowers completely encase the fan and then direct the air out into a particular direction.  In the case of the SpinQ the air is free to blow out in any direction.  This is helpful since most motherboards have PWM coolers that are designed to work with the CPU fan.