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  • Corsair XMS Xpert TwinX3200LL Review
  • Corsair XMS Xpert TwinX3200LL Review



    We have reviewed quite a few versions of Corsair memory over the past few years and while the basic fundamental behind high performance memory hasn't changed during this time the face of current memory modules has. If you look at many of the top producers of memory you will notice that their flagship products all have some unique feature to make them stand out. For instance OCZ names their modules after precious metals and includes some highly polished copper heatspreaders. Crucial, (the, "hey you guys are only a mile away from us and still won't send over any products", company) recently introduced a line of performance memory called Ballistix, these modules feature a bright yellow heatspreader with some versions having fancy LED lights. A-Data is a Taiwanese company and puts their high performance memory on red PCBs, as many of you know the red PCB is A plus number 1 in my book, it is just too bad they don't sell the modules here in the US.

    Keep in mind there are many other companies out there and they all do something special but none can touch what Corsair has done with their Xpert line of XMS performance memory.
    Technical differences aside, Xpert modules are basically a XMS 3200XL module with a removable 10 digit LED display across the top. The display can do all sorts of thing like displaying vital memory statistics or some wacky message of your choosing.
    This review won't focus on performance numbers or the benefits of extra low latency memory but instead illustrate some of the basic principals behind the Corsair Xpert series and a little overclocking.