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  • Corsair XMS Xpert TwinX3200LL Review
  • Corsair XMS Xpert TwinX3200LL Review


    Using TwinX Xpert

    Corsair has given the end user a fair amount of flexibility when installing the Xpert modules, this helps to eliminate any problems with how different motherboard companies design their products. The photos show the two basic options of memory installation given our test system.
    Now on to the "sort of" benchmarks! happy smile
    We have always mentioned that buying the best memory you can afford will reward you in more ways than one. The most obvious is better performance due to lower latencies but it will also help you in terms of overclocking. It is not uncommon for DDR400 modules to run at DDR550 but most have some pretty relaxed timings. For the benchmarks below the vDIMM voltage was set at 2.8v for stability testing and benchmarks.
    The system as it was tested
    Chaintech VNF4 Ultra (nVidia nForce4 Ultra)
    Athlon64 3200+ 512KB L2 Cache 939pin
    Alpha PAL8150A
    2x Corsair Xpert TwinX 3200XL DDR400 512megs
    Chaintech SE6600G GeForce 6600GT PCI Express
    IBM Hitachi Deskstar 80gig SerialATA 7200RPM
    Antec NeoPower 480 power supply
    12x/40x DVD/CDRom
    Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1
    CPU-Z 275HTT @ 2.47Ghz
    As our Sandra benchmarks show DDR550 is where it is at in terms of overall memory bandwidth.