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  • CoolerMaster Alloy Front Bezel
  • CoolerMaster Alloy Front Bezel



    This always happens, you go spend the big bucks on a slick new Aluminum case only to find that your optical drive (CD, DVD, or CDRW) drives stick out like a sore thumb with their standard beige, grey or recently black bezels. While black and silver do have a place in your workspace, we've all been waiting for the 'Aluminum Solution'! And here it is . . . CoolerMaster has come out with an aluminum bezel that simply covers the plastic one your drive comes with.
    With CoolerMaster proudly emblazoned across the front it indeed looks cool, and is easy to install with the included double-sided 3M tape.
    Now, we couldn't actually find a drive here in the Ninja Lane Labs that would work with this solution, but we did hold the bezel up against an aluminum case and exclaimed how cool it would be if we did.
    The Good Things
    Easy to use
    Matches current aluminum cases
    Proudly carries the CoolerMaster name and logo
    The Bad Things
    Limited usability due to drive differences
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank CoolerMaster for helping make this review possible.