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  • Lamptron FC3 Fan Controller Review
  • Lamptron FC3 Fan Controller Review



    In the early days of casemodding there was a silent quest to install bigger and better fans into your case to improve cooling.  In some instances this was a welcome addition however past case designs didn't lend themselves well to installing large quiet fans so to achieve the same cooling multiples of smaller high speed fans were installed with often detrimental effects on noise levels.

    To battle this people created elaborate switching devices to control when fans would come on and even control how fast they would spin.  Fan switching is relatively easy however RPM control is not, for this you needed called a rheostat baybus.  The rheostat would allow you to control the voltage going to each fan or in some cases completely turn them off. 

    Motherboard makers have been offering up similar solutions by offering software to control the onboard fan headers.  Sadly these headers do have power limits so an external controller seems like a good match for powerful case fans.
    In this review we will be looking at the FC3 from Lamptron.  This is a high powered fan controller designed to give you full control over your system case fans. 
    Here are some specs on the FC3
    CNC milled from blocks of 3/4" thick solid aluminum
    Normal output 30 Watt per channel
    4 fan adjustable function
    Various knobs designed to control the brightness

    Dimension: 150mm*43mm*80mm(5.25" Bay)
    Max Power:  30W per channel
    Control Channel: 4 Channels
    Color Available: Black Aluminum anodized and Aluminum Silver
     DC Input: + 12V(Standard 4- Pin Connector)
    DC Output: 0V- 12V DC
    LED Indicator: 4 *Blue LED
    Fan Connectors: 4 pcs
    Fan RPM Knobs: 4 pcs

    For a copy of these specs please visit the Lamptron website