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  • DFI Lanparty X48 T3R Preview
  • DFI Lanparty X48 T3R Preview



    Its not very often that we dedicate an entire article to a preview of a product but the DFI X48 has been a very long awaited product the culminates several months of tweaking and rework to bring the best performance and tuning to the Intel X48 chipset.

    In this article we’ll be showing you some of the features unique to the DDR3 edition of the DFI X48 including the fancy new packaging.
    There has only been a few documented instances where we have actually featured the package a review motherboard has come in.  We normally figure that while the box might be flashy and attract attention it’s the goodies inside that command the price tag and after it’s installed the box is usually thrown to the wayside.
    These would be old Soltek reviews, namely the SL-86SPE-L and SL-865Pro-775.

    Consider this; you’re browsing thru the local computer store knowing that you’ll be in the market for something.  As you reach the motherboard section to scan the shelves the best and brightest package on the shelf jumps out at you saying “you must look at me”.  Next thing you know the box is under your arm while you beeline to the nearest checkout stand. (or door depending on how much the box costs)  Either way the visual marketing has you hooked.
    Well the concept has become somewhat muted with the advent of online shopping but there are still places where you can browse around and buy just about anything.  Here in the states stores like Frys and to a lesser degree Best Buy command the most attention.  However not every country is like that.  In our experience the pinnacle of electronic shipping geekness would be the Guang Hua Market in Taiwan.  There you will find a multitude of stores all selling different varieties of goods including everything you would need to assemble a complete computer system.

    As you guessed it flashy sells, in fact flashy is out front while plain might be stuck in the back.