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  • DFI Lanparty X48 T3R Preview
  • DFI Lanparty X48 T3R Preview


    Included History

    In the early LanParty days every LanParty motherboard came in a double stacked box with half  being the motherboard and the other half being the goodies like carrying strap, cables, manual etc…  It would seem that budget cuts forced DFI into moving back to the standard box design but after awhile their high-end motherboards commanded the larger packaging and the flashy handled container was reborn.
    But enough of that, let’s what is inside
    The Goods
    The rumors were true Thermalright and DFI teamed up to create an excellent motherboard cooling solution that not only looks good but cools just as well.  In fact If you require more cooling simply pop off the Northbridge heatsink and replace it with any standard waterblock or custom cooler of your choice.
    If aircooling is your thing then attach the external radiator and enjoy near silent cooling.