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  • CoolerMaster SNA95 Slim Notebook Adaptor Review
  • CoolerMaster SNA95 Slim Notebook Adaptor Review


    Product Design and Features

    Laptop mfgs typically stick to a certain power adaptor format to reduce costs and facilitate reuse however when it comes to power plugs not every mfg uses the same one.  CoolerMaster has provided a quick and easy way to change the plug to fit your particular laptop.  Each plug is color coded by size and format so start with one that looks close or is mentioned on the cheat sheet and fiddle from there until you get a match. 

    One thing that should be mentioned is that some laptop mfgs (*cough* Dell */cough*) require a unique ID design before a power source can actually charge the battery, so while the SNA95 may power the system there is a chance that the batter will not charge at the same time.
    The SNA95 is not just for laptops; in fact it's a total power station for many electronic devices, provided they can be powered by USB.  Simply plug in a USB cable and charge your phone or MP3 player without draining your laptop battery.
    Given that laptops are ment to be portable so should the accessories that accompany them.  The Slim Notebook Adaptor is slightly larger than your standard power adaptor but is rather thin to make up for it.  The handy carrying pouch keeps everything together and the small size ensures that it won't take up too much space.
    Testing power adaptors is a lot like testing power supplies, except smaller and less versatile.  The test platform consisted of a modern Asus V2 laptop using both the OEM and CoolerMaster power adaptors.  Both adaptors charged a dead battery at the same rate (little over 2 hours) and both powered the system with no adverse effects. 

    In fact the only major difference was that when using the CoolerMaster SNA95 we could also charge our Blackberry Pearl without having the laptop running.