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  • Thermaltake Litepower 450Watt Power Supply Review
  • Thermaltake Litepower 450Watt Power Supply Review



    Thermaltake has a long history of making the right product for the right segment and meeting their customers' needs. Having been lucky enough to sample several Power Supplies from Thermaltake, as well as most of the other brands, I have a good understanding of what is required to make a good PSU.

    While this particular unit is not made for the flashy high end components we normally feature here at Ninjalane it is a perfect PSU for an OEM computer looking for a replacement or for building that general purpose system on a budget.  While we would typically look for something with a little more power the high quality components and 80+ rating mean that we can power more with this 450Watt unit than most can power with the less expensive brands with more power. 

    Bottom line the Litepower 450Watt PSU is simple and easy to use, cables were long enough and installation was uneventful.  Everything you could ask for in a PSU.

    And now for the ever popular list of good and bad things happy smile.
    Good Things
    80% bronze rating (85%)
    No un-needed bling. 
    Extremely quiet operation (16db).
    Durable unit from a good supplier.
    Very compact size, perfect for small cases.
    Bad Things
    Low power rating, 500 would be a better minimum these days.
    Braiding on only half of the ATX bundle. would be better with all or none.
    Very plain casing, no flashy paint or other bling.(understandable given the intended market).
    Long spacing between molex and or SATA plugs. 3 1/2"  each plug. requires looping to hide wires.
    Ninjalane Ratings
    We would like to thank Thermaltake for helping to make this review possible.