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  • Adata T703 2GB Mickey Mouse Flash Drive
  • Adata T703 2GB Mickey Mouse Flash Drive



    When it comes to thumb or flash drives there are several pre-conceived notions as to what to expect.  Obviously a flash drive is a removable portable storage unit, usually with a USB interface.  Look and style have also been standardized into a rather long and slender device with the USB interface on one end and a handy carrying strap on the other.  If you’re lucky you’ll even get a flashing activity light.  That is not to say all flash drives follow this formula, just most of them.

    In this review we will be looking at the next great thing in flash drive styling from a company that re-addressed the question of what makes a flash drive.
    But first a little background.
    Adata is one of the few companies with a license agreement to use the Disney name and brand to produce memory related memorabilia and have been doing so for quite some time.  Previous products have reflected whatever was active in the Disney camp.  For instance during the pirates saga you could get a flash drive with Jack Sparrows picture on it.  Check our CES 2007 coverage for a few examples.

    Their latest design is something completely new in terms of flash drive design and takes the extremely well known Disney Mickey Head Logo and turns it into a 3 dimensional multi function piece of art.  In short it’s a Gift, a Mirror, a Locket, a Keychain, and a 2GB flash drive all made in the shape of the famous mouse, Mickey.
    Lets take a closer look.