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  • Bytecc One Button Backup (ME-808) Enclosure Review
  • Bytecc One Button Backup (ME-808) Enclosure Review



    As was mentioned before the Backup Star itself is not much different from a regular external HDD enclosure except for the single button on the front of the drive and the included backup software. Once installed the software runs whenever your computer is running and keeps track of the file activity that happens between backups. This allows you to backup your entire HDD at the touch of a button or on a scheduled basis. The backups also happen in the background so you can continue to work while the system works. The software also comes with a very slick restore method that will allow you to put from one of the provided floppy disk images and restore your HDD to how it was when the last backup was made giving you an instant recovery method in the event of a system failure. The only real requirement is that the drive used in the Backup Star is as large if not larger than the one used in the system you are wishing to backup.
    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things.
    The Good Things
    Dual use External USB Drive Enclosure
    USB 2.0 Support
    Backup and Recovery Software Included
    Dual Power Support with Interchangeable Adaptors
    Built-in Cooling Fan
    One Touch Backup
    The Bad Things
    No Firewire support
    Rather large to carry around.
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank Bytecc Inc. for helping to make this review possible.