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  • EVGA GTX 460 SuperClocked 1GB Video Card Review
  • EVGA GTX 460 SuperClocked 1GB Video Card Review



    The Fermi architecture (GF100) that created the famed GTX480 was designed to be extremely modular so it can be adapted to different markets and reconfigured to create new and more powerful products. The first GF100 chip was powerful but lacked the power efficiency that many of us would expect from a GPU. 

    With the flagship product released internal developments were turned to a reworked Fermi based GPU designed to address the issues with the initial release and was codenamed GF104.  The new GF104 is similar to the GF100 but on a much smaller scale, it requires considerably less power, enjoys a reduction in overall heat temperature, and is cheaper to produce.

    In this review we will be looking at the new EVGA GTX460 1GB SC video card using the new GF104.  This is a factory overclocked card designed to provide better overall performance without the worry associated with warranty damage related to overclocking.  The review will cover overall performance of the GTX460 and how it stacks up against cards from the previous generation.
    Card Features and Specifications
    Fabrication Process: 40nm
    Core Clock: 763MHz (std 675MHz)
    Shader Clock: 1526MHz (std 1350)
    Stream Processors: 336 units
    ROP Units: 32
    Texture Filtering Units: 56
    Memory Interface: 256-bit
    Memory Amount/Type: 1GB/GDDR5 Memory
    Memory Clock: 950MHz (3800MHz effective)
    Memory Bandwidth: 121.6 GB/s
    DirectX Compliance: 11
    Connection: 16x PCI Express 2.0
    Form Factor: Dual Slot
    Multi-GPU Support: SLI
    Part Number: 01G-P3-1373-AR
    Warranty: Lifetime (within a 30 registration period)