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  • VisionTek ATI HD 2400 Pro Review
  • VisionTek ATI HD 2400 Pro Review



    Budget systems are not something we really focus on here at Ninjalane but as computers advance the once top of the line gear you've been drooling over all of a sudden becomes affordable. This is the original thought around budget gear.  Most figured that you could get a better deal waiting for the price to come down than look at lower end hardware based on modern components. As well all know with every top end product release comes the mid to low end "budget" products designed for OEM and consumer use. The performance might not be that great but the technology support is there so what more can you ask for?

    Windows Vista brought along many things including some new features, a shiny new interface, and the suggestion that you'd have to trash that old PC and buy a new one. While this is not always the case there are certain instances where a simple upgrade might mean the difference between a good user experience and a great one. In the case of Vista if you want to use DirectX 10 you'll need a video card that supports it. Currently that means something from the GeForce 8xxx series from nVidia and the Radeon HD 2xxx series from ATI.

    In this review we'll be looking at the ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro from VisionTek. This little card comes with 256MB of DDR2 memory, dual monitor support, HD Video playback, and HDMI (that also happens to support 5.1 channel surround sound), not to mention DirectX 10 support. As you can guess this is a PCI Express card that will require a single 16x video slot and no dependency on external power.

    We will cover many of the unique features of this card but for a complete list be sure to check out the VisionTek website or the white papers found at AMD