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  • VisionTek ATI HD 2400 Pro Review
  • VisionTek ATI HD 2400 Pro Review


    Card Features and Layout

    On the surface the HD 2400 Pro looks like any other ATI video card; the PCB is a nice sexy red and features a high quality aluminum heatsink fan combo. For size comparison we've included an older GeForce 6600 GT from Chaintech. Aside from the color the only major difference is size. (among other things wink smile)
    The heatsink is attached using a 4 post retention method that passes thru the video card and held in place with an X shaped back plate, this will help in security and heat conduction.  The GeForce 6600 GT featured above only comes with 2 spring clips and if you grab the video card incorrectly the heatsink will almost pop completely off.
    The DDR2 used on this card comes from Qimonda and appears to be from their 400Mhz line of memory chips.
    The card comes with 3 video ports:
    1x D-Sub for analog monitor connections
    1x DVI connector for digital connections including flat panel monitors and high end televisions.
    1x HDMI connection for high-end televisions, flat panel displays and home theater setups. The HDMI found here also supports 5.1 channel surround sound and happens to be the distinguishing feature that separates HDMI from your typical DVI