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  • CES 2008 Day 1 (Continued)



    Welcome back to the Ninjalane coverage of CES 2008.  We normally have daily show coverage the evening after but several technical difficulties prevented this from happening.

    So to wrap things up we'll be posting 3 additional articles that will dig deeper into the sights and sounds of CES 2008, Lets get started!
    Asus was one of the first companies we visited with, their booth was tucked away in the meeting maze of South Hall 4 (in the same place it was last year).

    The "expected" items were on display including several new motherboards based on the x38, X48 and 780i chipsets.  They all look pretty much the same but all have completely different features.

    These first 2 are x38's 
    Now some nVidia based boards with 3-Way SLI.
    Finally some of the new X48's that everyone has been talking about.
    As you all know Asus is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to "new" and exciting products.  One such product was their award winning internet radio setup, a portable GPS unit complete with touch screen, and "blackberry clone" phones. happy smile