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    If you are like me and have been watching the current trends in PC cooling you will have come to the conclusion that cooling options are getting out of hand. At first there were small heatsinks with loud and powerful fans, this started a migration to DYI watercooling for better performance and noise control. Lately things have started to go back to aircooling with larger heatsinks and slower moving fans. Well this bigger is better trend has continued to the point where we have 6" cooling fans hanging over 8 or more heatpipes in an attempt to dissipate as much heat as possible while moving the least amount of air. Not sure about you but larger heatsinks can only lead to one thing, broken motherboards.
    CoolIT has come up with an excellent alternative that combines the noise benefits of watercooling with the cooling properties of TEC's into a self contained unit small enough to cool dual graphics cards and processor in a SFF case better than anything else. Their system is basically a variation of the high performance cooling we've seen in the past using TECs without the need to moisture seal your components or use external power supplies. Best of all it is all self contained and controllable via a software control panel.
    Keep an eye out; you'll start to find CoolIT systems in the high end Alienware and Dell XPS systems soon.