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  • Computex 2010 Day 2



    Day 2 of Computex is what we like to call "working day", the schedule was full with meetings and stacked back to back.  Most of the time we don't expect our meetings to run over the hour, in fact some of them only last 20 minutes.  Aside from a truncated lunch hour due to inter-halll travel the day went extremely smooth.
    The first company on the list is Albratron.  Albratron used to make consumer level video cards and motherboards, but over the years they have slowly refocused their efforts on industrial design and touch screen panels.  

    Each of the panels comes with 2 cameras, one in each corner.  These cameras use a form of triangulation to track objects as they touch the screen and/or move around.  Albratron then uses gesture software to convert what the camera(s) see into a mouse pointer on the screen thus converting any monitor into a touch screen device.
    They had a great way to show off their technology using this simple GUI designed for children and the elderly.  What this program does is allows them to send email to anyone in their address book using cartoon avatars and their fingers.  Simply drag a circle around the person you want to send a message to and away you go.