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  • Computex 2004 Day 3
  • Computex 2004 Day 3


    Welcome to Day 3

    Welcome to Computex Day 3
    I was lucky enough to sneak in a little early and got a glimpse of what the halls of Computex look like before the doors officially open at 10:00 am. The photos below were taken at about 9:50 and the majority of people you see are booth attendants getting their booths ready though I suspect a few are VIP's getting the early bird tours.
    A good friend of mine that lives in Taipei recently got a job at Leadtek and suggested that I stop by the booth to check things out.
    Here in the states Leadtek is fairly well known for their workstation class video cards but who can forget the wild gpu coolers found on the mainstream retail cards. The new 6800 Ultra is pictured here complete with copper ramsinks.
    One thing that caught me by surprise is that Leadtek is not a small company, not only do they make video cards but they also have a line of motherboards and a variety of home electronics. Pictured below is one of their new nForce3 250 boards, it doesn't appear to be a high performance item but you never know.