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    Asus was right across the hall from MSI and as usual their booth was extremely full, then again what you get for being one of the largest hardware makers in the industry.

    They had several systems on display, some watercooled and some not. Maybe one of the coolest things on display was the face recognizing laptop, it worked quite simply. When you stand in front of the screen the camera will train on your face and if you match the profile of the "owner" log you in without having to enter a username or password. Of course the username and password option still works in case you had plastic surgery in the meantime. They could not confirm if the system worked on severed heads or just the ones attached to a body so use this security feature with caution.
    There were several watercooling systems at the show this year and once of the nicest DYI installations was found at the Asus booth. Watercooling might also have its "official" start at Computex, If you look carefully you'll even see 2 water ports on the Northbridge cooler of this P35 mobo.