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  • Computex 2007 Day 3
  • Computex 2007 Day 3


    Corsair and MSI

    Day 3 at Computex was by far the busiest day of the entire show and actually started with a face to face meeting with a new (to us) company Muskin. They didn't have an exhibit or any products to show but rather they were here for the same reason Ninjalane was, to make contacts and take in the sights.
    After the Muskin meeting we stopped by the Corsair suite in the Grand Hyatt to see some of their latest advances and other products. Corsair was of course "a buzz" over DDR3 and even had several DDR3 systems running in various degrees of frequency alteration.

    It is really too early to tell how fast DDR3 will be established into the mainstream but companies like Corsair will help blaze the trail for others to follow and they are banking on Enthusiasts and power users to be early adopters.
    After our Corsair meeting it was back to the main show floor and off to Hall 2 to establish contact with some of our favorite motherboard mfgs. The first stop was MSI.

    MSI had some interesting motherboard cooling designs and a really cool mini ITX case on display. It would also seem they are moving away from using red PCBs on their high end motherboards. Actually the same can be said for all of the mobo makers and the use of alternative PCB colors. It would seem that some colors are more ROHS compliant than others with green being one of the worse to use.