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  • Computex 2008 Day 2


    DFI - LanParty Time!

    Our first stop was an unscheduled one and was with our good friends over at DFI.  DFI has been a strong supporter of Ninjalane over the years and we almost get the red carpet treatment every time we show up. 

    Of course the highlight of the booth is the LanParty motherboards.  The normal versions are present including the LT and DK lines.  Here we have the X48 from Intel and 790i from nVidia.  Sadly there was nothing really new on the AMD side of the house.
    One of the highlights this year are the MicroATX motherboards including a full P45 board designed for gamers and enthusiasts alike.
    The LanParty Jr board features everything you’d normally find on a LanParty motherboard including Crossfire and overclocking which is very impressive given its small stature.  Not sure how well these will sell in the states but I think they are unique enough to really take off.
    Another great feature on the new LanParty boards is a modular northbridge cooling solution which allows to remove the stock heatsink and replace it with any standard off the shelf cooling solution.