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  • Computex 2008 Day 2



    Our next stop was at the Silverstone booth,  Silverstone had plenty on display including many items we saw as prototypes during CES and some that are completely new. 

    There are a couple of new cases this year including a smaller version of the popular TJ07 called the fortress.  The case features a smaller frame, hot-swap style HDD array and 2 180mm case fans to give this case excellent cooling with a minimal amount of noise.
    The second case on display is call the Raven and was inspired by the F-117.  Not only if the outer design unique but it breaks the mold on how components are arraigned in a chassis.

    From the outside the Raven looks like an ordinary case the front door slides down and there are USB and audio ports along the top.  However things change once you pull the side panel off.  The motherboard tray has been rotated 90 degrees so that the ATX connector faces up towards the top of the case.  The powersupply is still located at the bottom of the case and HDDs and optical drives are located towards the front in their typical arrangement.
    The strange board orientation helps to promote a natural cooling convection and doesn’t require a ton of fans to accomplish.
    The last item is one of their MicroATX cases completely full of watercooling gear and 2 seperate radiators to keep the thing cool.  This was a must see, sadly photos do it no justice.