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  • Computex 2008 Day 2


    Foxconn - Quantum Force

    Our next scheduled stop was with Foxconn where our primary focus was on motherboards and the Quantum Force series.  At the time of Computex the BlackOps board was recently was released to the market and based on the showcase there are at least 4 others that will follow suit.
    At CES Foxconn showed a 10 slot motherboard that supported quad crossfire (or 4 single GPU cards in one system.  Well they built up a special case to hold this monster motherboard and had a nice multi monitor display demo system setup across 8 independent LCD panels.

    Sadly the concept and technology will likely never take off but it’s a nice way to show off your innovation.
    Another concept product was the 4 in 1 cube system which is really just 4 motherboards complete with high end video cards all packed into a single case and allows up to 4 people to play in a LAN game all at once.  The system is run of a single 1200w power supply and actually has some amazing gameplay considering the space limitations.
    The last feature of the Foxconn booth was a live overclocking display with the target being to get the best overclock you can, though we all know its just a marketing ploy to get people to see what the Quantum Force motherboards can do.  Between the various times we visited they had a Yorkie up to 6.1Ghz and even broke the 3DMark Vantage record at least once.