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  • Computex 2009 Day 4 – Taipei Taiwan
  • Computex 2009 Day 4 – Taipei Taiwan



    Computex this year runs from June 2nd until June 6th which is just 5 short days.  Most people in the industry only consider it a 4 day event due to the fact that on the last day the show promoters open the floodgates and allow the general public to see the exhibits. 

    Needless to say we will not be attending day 5 so this is our last chance to see any cool stuff.
    Given that we didn't tour Hall 1 or Hall 3 we started our Computex by trolling around Hall 1 to check out the Gigabyte booth.  Rumor has it Gigabyte demanded that they be placed in the prestigious Hall 1 or they would refuse to attend.  I guess with the Gigabyte OC taking place in Taipei 101 the closer location was better for them. 

    Personally we found it to be rather annoying and were left giving ourselves the "hey check me out I'm messing with stuff" tour.
    P55 was on display along with the entire range of products including video cards and some server stuff.  One of the neatest ones was the 2 chip single board GTX 295.  (Evga had one on display as well)
    Found this little guy to be quite interesting.  At first glance it seemed to be an Xbox360 but turns out to be an Atom based thin client.  The board next to it is a dual Xeon server board, it just had that "take my picture" look on its face. happy smile