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  • Core i7 Dual Channel vs Triple Channel Memory Test
  • Core i7 Dual Channel vs Triple Channel Memory Test



    Today in the Ninjalane Labs we will be taking a look at a technology advance that comes standard on ever Core i7 processor, the triple channel memory controller.  When the first X58 board graced our test bench the question was asked.  "Is a triple channel memory controller really that much better than a dual channel one?"  So we decided to see for ourselves and of course pass the results on to our readers. 

    For these tests we will be using the G.Skill kit from our previous review.  To keep thing on a level playing field we'll be including the same tests here that we used in that review.
    When Intel introduced the I7 CPU family one of the first things to grab people's attention was the unusual memory configuration. We had all become accustomed to having dual channel memory and were surprised to see an extra memory slot. The main question on our minds at the time was is this really going to help?

    For this article we put the new DDR3 ram through its paces in both dual and triple memory configurations.  We also threw in a DDR2 800 comparison from the previous generation to really illustrate the benefit of the integrated memory controller.