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  • SiSoftware Sandra 2011 Benchmark Review
  • SiSoftware Sandra 2011 Benchmark Review



    There are several basic requirements for a benchmark to become an authority in the industry.

    1) it needs to be easy to obtain, either as a free download, or with a minimal cost to the end user
    2) it needs to be accepted by the media providing their opinion on the products you wish to buy
    3) the results need to be portable between opinion makers

    In the early days of hardware review site owners where challenged in determining how best to present performance information.  Some decided to create their own benchmarking suites and while these worked great for that particular site you could not compare numbers from Site A with results from Site B.  Either the benchmark was not available or the testing parameters were not clear.  Either way the results were met with varying degrees of success.  

    Believe it or not, but this is still a problem today.  Benchmarking suites like Sandra help to minimize this.

    We have been using SiSoft Sandra for over 10 years now and while it is not the only benchmark we use in our reviews you can find some aspect of it in each and every one, even back to the beginning.

    Give it a try, you might be surprised.
    SiSoft Sandra Downloads
    SiSoftware Homepage:

    The Lite version of SiSoft Sandra has always been free for non comercial use and business editions start at $49.99. 

    Check their download page for more info.