The Excat Date When Our Digital World Ends

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December 4th of the Year of Our Lord 292,277,026,596

That is when the Unix date field will reach its limit and it will all come crashing down, or start over. happy smile

btw that is about 7,900,000,000 years from now.

So the Y292,277,026K will be real at one point. I'm almost certain that, by then, we would have abandoned Unix at that point—but you never know. This mother was invented 43 years ago and it's still the best, most solid operating system ever created. Good enough to survive the entire Universe according to the Big Rip theory, which predicts everything will be over when the Universe reaches an infinite scale 20 billion years from now.

Can you imagine a world without Unix?  Microsoft can, according to inside sources this was in a recent memo.  "I want everyone on Windows 8 by the end of the year or the bunny gets it."

Of course if you believe that, you have watched way too much South Park. tongue smile

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