Intel reportedly prepping soldered desktop chips after all @ ExtremeTech

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Speculation on the Intel roadmap told us that there would be BGA processors, what wasn't clear from their reponse is what segment(s) would overlap the socketed space.

New evidence (a “trusted source,” according to Tech Report) suggests Intel is actually planning a bifurcated strategy. Starting with Broadwell, certain motherboards will be available with soldered processors — presumably those intended for small set-top boxes or other diminutive form factors.

(the article at Tech Report)

This all makes perfect sense really,  Microsoft is pushing touch interfaces going forward so there is very little need to have configurable PCs anymore.  I suspect there will always be a need for workstation class machines but take it from someone who has a Desktop at home and a Ultra Tablet on the road, the lines are getting blurred as to what a PC/Workstation needs to be.

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