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I remember playing a sniper game back "in the day".  It had some really simple graphics and you didn't have to be too stealthy provided you stayed out of their field of view.  As with all games once you figure out how it works there are ways to exploit the mechanics to your advantage.  In the case of the sniper game I played it turns out that if you could see your enemy you could shoot them and it didn't matter how far away you were OR how accurate.  For instance I was shooting at pixels of enemies clear across the map and doing one shot kills.

Lets hope that Sniper Elite 4 is a little better AND that the in-game performance is high enough to scratch that 2% upper crust, omg I need 200fps cause some guy on reddit said my shoes were gay, ultra watercooled AMD (cause: hot) oh wait (nvidia: cause physx, that nobody uses anymore) performance.

We test Rebellion's new shooter on 10 modern graphics cards, with the latest game optimized drivers from AMD and NVIDIA. A surprise is that AMD gains up to 27% performance from switching to DX12 with Async Compute, while the performance uplift for NVIDIA users is only up to 5%.

If you couldn't gather from my previous paragraph, people seem to get OCD weird over game performance that cannot be replicated.

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