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Or rock game? gamez rox?  Meh, product names these days.  Whatever happened to logical names like "Golden Sample" or "Inferno Katana"?  Those seem good but, don't have the same POP on the retail shelves that Game Rock does.

Palit's GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GameRock Premium is the company's latest flagship card. It introduces a new fan design in which two stacks of two fans each operate in a counter-rotating fashion. Also the card comes with a dual BIOS and a large overclock out of the box.

I was a little curious about the video card so I will admit, I clicked the review link and have to say.  The logo looks great however, the card is like flat.  For one it is a dual fan cooler design with a blue shroud and triple slot spacing.  However, remove the cover and you get a pretty amazing PCB with extra large VRM. 

Almost inspired by the MSI GamerX series. #justsayin

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