Intel Coffee Lake Launch Day

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Intel releases realistic processors with excellent performance at an affordable price and nobody bats an eye.  

AMD finally releases a processor with real performance potential and everyone loses their e'ffin minds, Including Intel

As you may have noticed today is a new Intel launch day, this time to announce the new "Coffee Lake" processors.  These are a mainstream proc using the LGA 1151 socket but require a new chipset making you wonder if "Tick Tock" really went away or was just renamed to keep things fresh.

Most everyone is calling Coffee Lake a "reaction" to AMD Ryzen, not because Ryzen is faster, better or cheaper but rather because spec hounds claim Ryzen is better because it has more cores than Intel stuff.  Forget that Kaby Lake is faster or that current games suck at using more than 4 cores effectively and makes this release all about launching hex-core processor cause: reasons.

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Despite all this Ryzen Bashing and attempts to say ThreadRipper is in the same class as an LGA 115x (anything) you have to wonder if people really are mental or just dense.  I say buy what you can afford and upgrade when you can.  Ensure you have proper sized powersupplies and allocate more money for motherboards and quality memory.

Do this an you will be well on your way to becoming cool in the eyes of Hardware Asylum


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