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ASRock does it again with their famous Taichi series this time supporting the new ExpressoJavaCoffee Lake processor platform from Intel.  Coffee Lake is what I would consider the first real upgrade since Sandy Bridge and supports some pretty amazing performance.

Sadly to take advantage you have to get a 300 series motherboard and is where Tachi comes in.

With yet another platform upon us, we have yet another ASRock Taichi motherboard to play with. The ASRock Z370 Taichi is just like all the other Taichi boards before it, ready to make the most of what Intel's Z370 platform has to offer, and with three 32 Gb/s M.2 slots, you can throw in all your HDDs and SSDs, too.

If I was to be impressed with the motherboard it would be the onboard graphics.  Not so much what comes from the CPU but, rather what is printed on the PCB and accented by the chipset coolers.  Call me crazy but I like gears.

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