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Ever have that feeling that your chassis is just too fat.  I'm not talking casual chub due to consuming two more more nVidia or AMD based video cards with a full water loop but, rather that the case is just too wide.


Well if you are having the problem of a case that is just too wide for your liking then BitFenix has the solution with the BitFenix Aurora and its slimming front bezel design.

The Bitfenix Aurora packs dual 280 mm liquid-cooling support, a bracket for reservoirs, an Aura-compatible RGB controller, and glass side panels into one case. We take it for a spin to make it glow in all its colors and take a closer look to see if it manages to shine even in deep space.

All jokes aside the case looks pretty good.  It features a full tempered glass side panel and front bezel that looks like it should be the carrying handle.  But, you know anything to dress up an otherwise worthless panel on a modern computer case lacking external drive bays.

You'll have to check out the review to know what I mean.

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