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The German language is very interesting.  I'm not going to say I know "any" of it but from what I have been exposed to blows my mind.  Take for instance the Alphacool Eisbaer, it translates into "Ice Bear" or Polar Bear.  Of course the product is an expandable AIO cooler and can never been "Ice" but it sounds extreme and edgy.  Well, Alphacool is at it again with Eiszyklon or "Ice Cyclone".

The Eiszyklon Aurora is a RGB fan, again will likely not be very icy BUT, could under the right conditions. happy smile

Alphacool adds to their ever-increasing Aurora lineup of RGB products with the Eiszyklon Aurora RGB LT fans. Available in 1100 or 1300 RPM options, these fans feature 16 RGB LEDs to make for a noise-optimized light-show on your new watercooled PC.

I may joke about the names but the fan looks really cool and might be enough for me to pick up a few.

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