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Ok, so...  what is the deal with the Glorious Model D.  Is it a bedroom accessory??  A movie prop for the p0rn industry?

Give up?  Ya it is a mouse and not just any mouse but one with holes!!  I guess the mouse is getting the D. happy smile

After the highly successful Model O and O-, Glorious now release their take on a lightweight right-handed ergonomic mouse. Sporting the same PMW3360 sensor, Omron switches for the main buttons, 68 g weight, and high quality feet and cable, the Model D should be worth a look for anybody in the market for an affordable gaming mouse.

Cooler Master has been pushing a super light mouse called the MM710 and weighs in at 53g so I think you can see where this is going.  As a gaming and PC enthusiast I am offended by super light mice.  If you are looking for a travel mouse and cannot be bothered with the weight of something good then either grow some balls! Or use the touch pad.  That is literally why it was created.

Thing with PC hardware is that everything good has already been created and now we are seeing the results of creative people "scrambling" to push the envelope and get something new out there.  Someone will eventually buy them and in a market with 0 sales anything is good.

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