ASUS ROG Z11 mini ITX chassis @ Guru3D

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Dare I say we have a Mini ITX invasion occuring right under our noses.  I'm not going to complain the Mini ITX form factor really is the future of the desktop PC.  PC Hardware Enthusaists will hate it and gamers will think they are getting ripped off but for how people use desktops and towers these days it is all you will ever need.

We just need to have a SFF (Small Form Factor) case that can actually breathe.

We review the ASUS ROG Z11 in a dark finish, a PC housing for small form factor motherboards. This Mini-ITX ready chassis has a trick or two that will astonish you in terms of style, USB 3.x options. Next to that, it's so cute but also .. very confusing.

The pictures make this case look pretty darn cool.

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