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Zadak is a new company for me, never heard of them before but it seems they are making 1TB RGB "somethings" that have been reviewed over at TechPowerUp.  Might be interesting to check out., at least to figure out what "spark" is.

The Zadak Spark RGB M.2 SSD comes with a gorgeous RGB implementation that neatly synchronizes with all the big motherboard brands. In the motherboard software, the SSD will show up as an additional, individually controllable RGB element, no additional cable is required.

Oh, so M.2 drives...  We checked out a M.2 from an unknown company called the Asura Genesis Xtreme and it was pretty good.  RGB showing through the heatspreader and really good performance.  The only issue was getting the drive to work on systems that followed the standard M.2 spec and didn't allow room for "extra" heatspreaders.

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