TSMC Chairman: Fabs Would Be ‘Not Operable’ If China Invades

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I caught this story over at Extremetech.

As of this news posting the tensions are pretty high over Taiwan and the threat of Chinese invasion.  For the past year the Chinese have been invoking cold war tactics by flying missions close to Taiwan, this causes the Taiwanese military to react and allows China to map out response times and locations of assets.

It also costs money, which can be a critical weapon during a war of attrition.

Right now, the question is "What if.."  Currently the Chinese are holding military drills near the island and even launching missiles directly over which, is not only unsafe but is also careless and giving the impression that China wants to go to war but, doesn't want to be seen as the aggressor.

Liu said China’s dependency is “not a bad thing,” indicating he’s confident China wouldn’t invade solely for selfish reasons. Fears over the disruption of the Taiwanese chip supply and the resulting economic damage have been termed a “Silicon Shield” by analysts. It wouldn’t just be a Chinese problem though; US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo warned about it recently as well. She stated the US would go into a “deep and immediate” recession if US firms were abruptly cut off from TSMC’s supply. Apple, AMD, Nvidia, and Intel all depend on TSMC for their most advanced products. It’s one of the primary reasons the CHIPS Act was passed this week. It seeks to bolster US silicon manufacturing in order to reduce our dependence on China and Taiwan.

It will be interesting to see how things play out.  Right now, the stalemate will continue, at least until some planned accident happens to disrupt the peace.

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