G-Wolves Hati-S Plus ACE @ TechPowerUp

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Wireless mice have become very popular with computer users, no more cord to get in the way and it matches their new wireless USB enabled headset with 200 channel sound and the worst microphone ever conceved by man.

But, the mouse is still good, so that is nice.

I've never heard of the G-Wolves before but, they seem to be using some good components so, it might be worth checking out, assuming you can find it, at 46g's one gust of wind and you'll lose the thing under your desk.

With the wireless Hati-S Plus ACE, G-Wolves presents an ambidextrous mouse weighing no more than 46 g without any holes. Furthermore, the ACE comes with PixArt's latest PAW3395 sensor, Zippy main button switches rated for 60 million clicks, and pure PTFE feet.

Assuming you can get one, seems the G-Wolves are China based which could account for the company name. wink smile

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