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Seems that it took case makers a really really long time to figure out what to do with the space left over from the removal of external 5.25 drive bays.  For those living under a rock, the area I speak is to the right of the motherboard, or what we would normally call the front.  This is has always been the primary intake for cooling the case unless you modded fan holes into the side of your case on the same side as the motherboard tray.

I'm going to claim starting that and have the photos to prove it.

Anyhow, the darkFlash DLX4000, and just about everyone else, has been taking notes from the O11 and I have to say, the results are extremely similar.

The darkFlash DLX4000 is a clean, solid and understated chassis with two clear glass panels, so you can feast your eyes on your hardware from multiple angles. Thanks to the well-built chassis and excellent material mix, if you are in the market for this style of case, add it to your shortlist.

I would agree with everything they said above, though still think we can improve the designs considerably before the desktop tower become irrelevant.

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