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  • Cooler Master Centurion 590 Case Review
  • Cooler Master Centurion 590 Case Review


    Case Construction

    For any modding project it is a MUST that you start with a well build case that uses quality materials.  By this we mean cases made from SECC steel.  There is a quick visual test you can do when case hunting to know if you are getting a quality case and that would be the color. All SECC cases are finished off with a flat grey coating that protects the metal and gives it a distinct look.  Cases made from thinner "pot" metal all have a shiny surface. 

    So why insist on SECC??  Well there are several reasons, from a modding standpoint the stronger material will hold up better during the modification process and allow for more drastic modifications.  There is also the issue of noise and resonance.  Tap on a "pot" metal case and you’ll note a rather annoying “tin” sound.  Match that with several vibrating fans and you have the primary reason so may fan companies are making a killing on rubber fan mounts.  Do the same to a SECC case and you'll still get a resonance but less pronounced and at a lower pitch.

    After the metal selection it's a good idea to look around the case and see how it is constructed.  Keep in mind that these cases are typically manufactured by machines so there will be seams, bends, and plenty of rivets or spot welds. Then make sure all of the case edges have been rolled over to reduce cuts and excess blood,
    Of course the Centurion 590 passes these tests; else we would never review it. happy smile

    In terms of case modifications there is not much you can do to improve the 590.  All of the large fan locations can easily handle your cooling requirements and the case is big enough to accommodate any combination of cooling methods.  However we do have to suggest something, else why mention it. wink smile

    One of the first changes we’d like to see is the removal of the side panel fan locations.  In our testing we’ve found that direct airflow over the processor and video card(s) does help force cool air into this space but does very little in overall temperature reduction.  So we would suggest filling these placements in and making use of the rear fan and dual “blow holes” at the top to vent the chassis.

    Watercooling would be an easy mod and there is plenty of space for all of your gear.  Pump and reservoir would easy fit in the “stacker” bays while the radiator can be placed just about anywhere.  Logical locations would be at the top of the case or near the front of the stacker bays.