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  • Cooler Master Centurion 590 Case Review
  • Cooler Master Centurion 590 Case Review



    Computer cases are one of those things that do not change much over time. They all serve a single basic purpose and are often times only modified slightly to accommodate different tasks.  For instance server cases tend to have more places for storage devices and high powered cooling while OEM and mainstream cases tend to be smaller and give up storage flexibility for a lower cost.  Modders and computer enthusiasts tend to look between these 2 basic options to find something that will not only hold their gear but also to satisfy any additional requirements they may have. 

    In this review we’ll be looking at the new Centurion case from Cooler Master simply called the 590.  This is a steel mid-tower case that occupies the lower end of the price spectrum and features a variety of user friendly features and enhanced cooling.  The case comes with 2x 120mm fans as a default cooling solution with places for up to 4x additional 140mm fans and a single 80mm fan to keep the motherboard cool.

    As with all of our case reviews we looking at the case from the perspective of the casemodder, so we'll look beyond if a motherboard will actually fit and focus on things like case construction, cooling, and airflow.  We'll also look at possible ways this case could be modified to either enhance what we find lacking or to including thing that the designers might not have originally intended.
    The Centurion 590 is your basic Mid-Tower case measuring in at (W) 210 x (H) 440 x (D)510 mm roughly 8.25”(W) x 17.3”(H) x 20”(D).  The case features a variety of external controls including a power button, FireWire, and 2 USB ports.  There is also microphone and headphone jacks.  All of these are located at the top of the case for easy access.