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  • Cooler Master HAF X Case Review
  • Cooler Master HAF X Case Review


    Cooling Features

    Cooling is a key feature of the HAF X so let's see what we have to work with.  The top of the HAF is ready for an either two 200mm Fans, or three 120mm fans.  A single 200mm fan comes with the case which should be enough for most everyone.  If you need even more cooling power simply add a triple fan radiator in place of the fans and you'll be set for a watercooling adventure.
    A huge metal grate hides a massive 200mm positioned to cool the lower 3.5" drive cage.  This location can be converted to accept any 120/140mm fan which opens up and additional radiator mounting position.
    The door features a window that on the retail version will have the HAF logo on it.  In the lower right corner of the window you'll find a large 200mm fan.
    The main purpose of any door mounted cooling fan is to force air over the expansion cards.  In most modern computers that encompass the motherboard chipset and any video cards you have installed.
    If the door fan is not enough to keep your graphics cards cool then maybe this little item can help.  The 120mm fan is positioned near your graphics cards and will force fresh air over the cooling fans.
    The shroud mounts onto the hard drive cage and forces air over your expansion cards.  Open holes along the sides allow the power cables to be hooked up and air pressure to escape if needed.  This is a very unique cooler that is likely to catch on rather quickly.